Cancion para bailar con padres en boda

Songs to dance with both parents at a wedding in Spanish

There is no doubt, if you decide to dedicate those minutes in which you both will melt to the sound of a piece carefully chosen for the occasion, the “I love you” that you once forgot to say will bring tears of happiness to your eyes.

We propose you some songs that will fit perfectly as a backdrop for the bride’s dance with her father: twenty songs with perfect melodies and lyrics capable of conquering the senses. Choose and include in your playlist the one you like the most or the one you think will be the most exciting for him.

Have you already chosen one? If the maxim during the organization of your wedding is to take care of absolutely every detail, it’s time to choose the accessories for your bridal look. Find out which of the different types of bridal bouquets is the most suitable for your style and remember that the shoes you wear can make the difference on your way to the altar, so don’t forget to check the bridal shoes until you find the ones that go best with you. They will surely steal glances during the dance!

Song to dance to at a wedding with siblings

As a groom, the bond you share with your mother, whether she is your biological mother, stepmother, adoptive mother, grandmother or mother-like figure, is special and should be honored on your wedding day. After all, she loved you first. There’s no better way to embrace your bond than with a heartfelt mother-son dance song at your wedding reception.

Inspired by a Bob Dylan song with the same title, Rod Stewart wrote “Forever Young” about his two sons. The lyrics send a message about always being brave, being kind and never losing sight of who you are as you grow up.

This definitely makes the list of the most popular mother-son wedding dance songs. It’s an original song from the Tarzan soundtrack, so it’s an especially great choice for Disney fans, but the message about a mother’s unconditional love is universal.

Beyoncé wrote “God Made You Beautiful” about her daughter Blue Ivy, and the lyrics grab us every time: “When you were born, the angels sighed for joy / They never thought they’d see such a beautiful sight / You took a breath and the world was right again / Tears were shed, how we’d been blessed”.

Canciones para bailar con los suegros en la boda

Si quieres que tu boda sea lo más personalizada posible, también puedes sustituir el clásico vals por una canción que os identifique más. Incluso puedes crear una coreografía. Pero si hay una tradición que no se toca es el primer baile de la novia con el padre y del novio con la madre.

Un momento emotivo que quedará inmortalizado en una canción. ¿Cuál elegir? Si eres el novio y estás buscando propuestas, aquí encontrarás bonitas canciones para dedicar a tu madre y alguna que otra para bailar juntos muy animados. ¡Dale al play!

Aunque, si te inclinas por un rollo más pop, también encontrarás canciones con letras emotivas y ritmos agradables. Y si tu madre derramó lágrimas en la ceremonia, probablemente volverá a hacerlo durante el baile. Una buena idea es compartir la canción (traducida) con ella de antemano, si no conoce la canción que has elegido.

Sin duda, si decidís dedicar esos minutos en los que ambos os derretiréis al son de una pieza cuidadosamente elegida para la ocasión, el “te quiero” que una vez olvidasteis decir le arrancará lágrimas de felicidad.

Songs to dance at wedding

Choosing a reggae song for the father-daughter dance can help make this part of the wedding truly memorable. If you’re looking for wedding entertainment ideas that will really wow your guests, bring in a live band.

Some wedding couples choose to make their wedding reception an elegant event to remember. If you’re looking for a song for the father-daughter dance with style and grace, consider forgoing the vocals and waltz to a classical piece.